- Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell -

Events attended by Paul and Nancy

May 2, 2011

Costume Institute Gala Party (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Stella was on the board for this event.


March 7, 2011

Paris Fashion Week


February 11, 2011

BAFTA  Awards


October 21, 2010

Mary McCartney’s Book Launch

Out and About

Since then, Paul and Nancy have been seen out and about doing any number of fun activities…

Going out for a walk

Riding bikes in the Hamptons

Having fun at the beach in Antigua

Waving to the paps

Enjoying a quiet romantic dinner over candlelight

Taking a road trip across the USA and down Rte 66

Taking in a Yankees game ….

….. and stealing a kiss behind home plate.

Playing with Paul’s daughter Bea

Taking fun photos of each other in the park

Traveling to Paris

Seeing a daughter’s fashion show

Getting cozy on a boat

Hanging out with Sting

Carrying their own bags

Sitting in the car with John Hamel

and just being in love….

First Public Outing

By August 2008, Paul and Nancy were ready to become a public item. They took a very public , leisurely stroll around Paul’s St John’s Wood neighborhood, and allowed the paps to get these  lovely photos.

Photos- Before they went public

Paul and Nancy started quietly seeing each other in 2007, just around the time she separated from her husband Bruce.

When in public, they stayed apart so the paps couldn’t get photos of them together.

But the jug was up when they were caught kissing after having lunch at a little restaurant in the Hamptons.

Homes in the Hamptons

Nancy’s home in the Hamptons

Paul’s home in the Hamptons

The McCartneys and the Blakemans knew each other as neighbors as they summered in the Hamptons.

Nancy was friendly with Linda, and Linda’s kids referred to Nancy as Jackie O because she always looked so glamorous to them.

Apparently, when Paul was dating Heather, he introduced her to Nancy. Heather was rude to Nancy, and Nancy advised Paul against marrying her- which caused a rift in the friendship between Paul and Nancy.

However, they ran into each other again at a party as Paul was going through his divorce with Heather, and started to quietly spend time with each other.

Arlen Blakeman


Arlen Blakeman is on the right in both photos

Arlen Blakeman is the only child of Bruce Blakeman and Nancy Shevell Blakeman.

He was born in 1992, making him 19 this year.

He graduated from Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in 2010 (http://tinyurl.com/3bldumm) 

and currently attends Rollins College (http://tinyurl.com/3lsh3zw).

He has been seen out and about with Nancy and Paul.

Here he is (on the left) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala Party with Paul and Nancy.

Here he is on the right, in the green shirt, at the recent Lady Gaga concert in NYC with Paul and Nancy.

And you can see him dancing with Paul and Nancy at the Lady Gaga show in this video- he is in the green shirt to the right of Nancy.


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Nancy’s Personal Life



Nancy Shevell met her husband Bruce Blakeman while attending Arizona State College. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Transportation. Bruce Blakeman studied law, and became a partner in his family’s law firm, later going into politics and becoming head of the Naussau County Legislature in 1995.

They married in 1984, 6 months after becoming engaged,  and remained married for 23 years. They had one son, Arlen, who was born in 1992.

They owned a townhouse in Woodmere, L.I., an apartment on the upper East Side and the house in  East Hampton.

Nancy developed breast cancer in 1996- since then she has supported Hewlett House, a breast cancer support center.

Nancy and Bruce separated amicably in 2007. Arlen lived with his dad.

oh yeah, and Nancy is Barbara Walters 2nd cousin!

 ”When contacted about Ms. Shevell’s wedding plans, he ( former husband Bruce Blakeman) was gracious. “I wish Nancy and Paul well, and that’s it. Nancy’s a great mother, and Paul treats my son very nicely.”

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Nancy’s Background


Nancy Shevell is vice president, Administration, of New England Motor Freight, Inc. (NEMF) and the Shevell Group of Companies. She is responsible for accounts receivable, corporate communications, benefits administration, purchasing of supplies and equipment, and overall office management.

Ms. Shevell joined NEMF in 1983 as manager of Administration and advanced to the post of director of Administration before being named to her present position in 1986.

She is co-chairperson of the Arlene Walters Shevell Endowment Scholarship Fund, a family foundation that provides support for self-help groups for parents of addicted children and financial support for individuals in accredited rehabilitation programs, and is active in numerous other charities and public interest organizations.

Ms. Shevell holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University, where she majored in transportation and was the recipient of the Fred Hurley Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Transportation.

(above from her official company bio)

She is a member of the Board of the MTA, a position to which she was named by Gov. Pataki, who also named her husband as Commissioner of the Port Authority at the same time, in 2001. Her term expires in June 2011.

Her company is worth over $350 million.

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